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Assessment Framework

The Universal Competency Framework for Testing

QAI´s Online Role Based Skill Assessment is a scientific skill assessment tool, designed to provide an understanding of the current skill and proficiency level of Testing & QA professionals. The assessment applies to all levels of testing professionals regardless of the nature, type, size, or complexity of projects in which they are engaged. It is flexible and can be customized to match the definition of an organization´s specific testing roles and required competencies.

The Role Based Skill Assessment is completely customized to an organizational context. The customization starts at the first step itself, by aligning ROLES an organization has, with SKILL AREAS. Each Skill AREA is further subdivided into SKILL CATEGORIES, SKILL AREAS and SKILL UNITS.  For each skill unit, a proficiency level is assigned by the organization, indicating the extent to which individual must have to perform well in one’s role. The comparison is always between expected proficiency levels that are defined by an organization and current proficiency level of a candidate once he / she completes a test. The framework is aligned to industry reference frameworks like CMMi, TMMi, TOGAF, and standards like ISO, and IEEE.

We currently provide 3 skill areas – Functional Testing, Test Automation, and Performance Testing; 4 major skill categories – Technology, Process & Technique, Tools & Automation, and Management & Support; 89 Skill Areas, and 374 Skill Units across 4 proficiency levels.

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The Assessments are

Aligned to Roles

The assessments are aligned to your role definitions, and are completely configured to your organizational context and needs.

Specific to Work Tasks

Using this tool, you can point out the clear strengths and weaknesses of an individual, workgroup, team, or an organization.

Offer Data & Analytics

Reporting tools and analytics to provide you the insight required to make the right decisions on your talent.

Fully Online Tests

The assessments is completely online, and can be taken by any individual, at any time without any hassles.

Quick to Setup

Very easy to configure and easy to setup system, thus make it extremely quick to setup and run

Extensive Question Bank

Coverage of over 11,000+ questions from 374+ specific skills in Software Testing. Aligned to industry standards.

Offer Total Solution

Complete planning and support for learning based on the assessment results for the group.

To Benchmark Skills

Support in benchmarking skills for an individual with the others in the industry and also similar organizations.


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