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Performance Testing


The Performance suite of assessments, are designed to test the individual on the various aspects of Performance Testing such as understanding of the principles, concepts & terminologies, techniques and methods, and so on. In addition, this suite also focuses on assessing the candidate’s knowledge on using a tool such as Load Runner, Silk Runner.

Totally, this suite enables organizations to define an assessment for 4 levels, and across 45 Skill Areas of importance and interest to many organizations.

This assessment is best suited for individuals involved with Performance Testing as their core area of work. Even individuals aspiring for a career / movement into Performance Testing can consider taking this assessment to know their gaps. All individuals with the following roles can undertake this assessment:

  • Performance Test Engineers
  • Performance Test Analysts
  • Performance Test Leads
  • Performance Test Architects
  • Performance Test Managers

Performance Testing is a very demanded skill, and now the most highly demanded area of interest for many. The main coverage of the assessments focus on 4 different categories – Technology, Process & Technique, Tools & Automation, and Management & Support.

Technology Skills

Basics of Information Technology | Operating Systems | Programming Languages | Database Management | Application Architecture | Web Applications | Mobile Applications | Cloud Applications | Mainframe Applications | Enterprise Applications | Embedded Systems

Process & Technique Skills

Performance Engineering | Performance Requirements | Performance Testing 101 | Performance Testing Process | Agile Methodology | Test Project Management | Performance Test Strategy | Performance Test Planning | Test Estimation for NFR | Performance Test Design | Scenario Development | Performance Test Execution | Defect Reporting | Defect Management |Test Management | Environment Setup | Performance Testing CoE | Testing Process Improvement | Metrics & Measurement

Tools & Automation Skills

Scripting for Testers | Fundamentals of Automation | Performance Testing Tools | Test Management Tools | Test Design Tools | HP Suite | IBM Suite | Microfocus Suite | Open Source Tools | Microsoft Suite | Neotys Suite

Management & Support Skills

Vendor Management Skills | Team Management | Configuration Management | Infrastructure Management | Reporting & Reviews | Documentation | Stakeholder Management | Cost Management

The standard assessment is configured for 100 questions for 120 minutes. Typical passmark is set for 75% on the total assessment. The test is required to be taken in one sitting and is normally available for a month from the date of purchase.

  • 100 questions for each assessment
  • 120 minutes provided to finish the examination
  • 75% is the passmark
  • 1 month validity from the date of purchase
  • 1 assessment for 1 role to be taken

At the end of each assessment, the individuals shall receive a individual assessment report for their personal reference. Individuals are encouraged to write to us for a personalized learning plan based on the weaknesses in the skill areas, and proficiency level. Our subject matter experts will work with the individuals to develop a integrated development plan to improve on the weaknesses identified in the assessment.

  • Individual Assessment Report Dowload Sample
  • Organizational Role Summary Report Download Sample
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Role Based Learning Plan
  • Organizational Learning Investment Plan

Your Access Code is: DEMOPTR1
Performance Test Engineer

Your Access Code is: DEMOPTR2
Performance Senior Tester

Your Access Code is: DEMOPTR3
Performance Test Lead

Your Access Code is: DEMOPTR4
Performance Test Manager

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