Performance Testing


как правильно общаться в коллективе The Performance suite of assessments, are designed to test the individual on the various aspects of Performance Testing such as understanding of the principles, concepts & terminologies, techniques and methods, and so on. In addition, this suite also focuses on assessing the candidate’s knowledge on using a tool such as Load Runner, Silk Runner. пасха сколько варить яйца Totally, this suite enables organizations to define an assessment for 4 levels, and across 45 Skill Areas of importance and interest to many organizations.

1 понятие содержание и виды управления This assessment is best suited for individuals involved with Performance Testing as their core area of work. Even individuals aspiring for a career / movement into Performance Testing can consider taking this assessment to know their gaps. All individuals with the following roles can undertake this assessment:

  • Performance Test Engineers
  • Performance Test Analysts
  • Performance Test Leads
  • Performance Test Architects
  • Performance Test Managers как приготовить щавелевый борщ Performance Testing is a very demanded skill, and now the most highly demanded area of interest for many. The main coverage of the assessments focus on 4 different categories – Technology, Process & Technique, Tools & Automation, and Management & Support.

Technology Skills правила заполнения классного журнала Basics of Information Technology | Operating Systems | Programming Languages | Database Management | Application Architecture | Web Applications | Mobile Applications | Cloud Applications | Mainframe Applications | Enterprise Applications | Embedded Systems

Process & Technique Skills

create folder перевод Performance Engineering | Performance Requirements | Performance Testing 101 | Performance Testing Process | Agile Methodology | Test Project Management | Performance Test Strategy | Performance Test Planning | Test Estimation for NFR | Performance Test Design | Scenario Development | Performance Test Execution | Defect Reporting | Defect Management |Test Management | Environment Setup | Performance Testing CoE | Testing Process Improvement | Metrics & Measurement

Tools & Automation Skills

Scripting for Testers | Fundamentals of Automation | Performance Testing Tools | Test Management Tools | Test Design Tools | HP Suite | IBM Suite | Microfocus Suite | Open Source Tools | Microsoft Suite | Neotys Suite

Management & Support Skills

Vendor Management Skills | Team Management | Configuration Management | Infrastructure Management | Reporting & Reviews | Documentation | Stakeholder Management | Cost Management

The standard assessment is configured for 100 questions for 120 minutes. Typical passmark is set for 75% on the total assessment. The test is required to be taken in one sitting and is normally available for a month from the date of purchase.

  • 100 questions for each assessment
  • 120 minutes provided to finish the examination
  • 75% is the passmark
  • 1 month validity from the date of purchase
  • 1 assessment for 1 role to be taken

At the end of each assessment, the individuals shall receive a individual assessment report for their personal reference. Individuals are encouraged to write to us for a personalized learning plan based on the weaknesses in the skill areas, and proficiency level. Our subject matter experts will work with the individuals to develop a integrated development plan to improve on the weaknesses identified in the assessment.

  • Individual Assessment Report Dowload Sample
  • Organizational Role Summary Report Download Sample
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Role Based Learning Plan
  • Organizational Learning Investment Plan

Your Access Code is: где учиться на бармена DEMOPTR1
Performance Test Engineer

Your Access Code is: живи родник живи текст DEMOPTR2
Performance Senior Tester

Your Access Code is: инструкция стиральной машины ардо DEMOPTR3
Performance Test Lead

Your Access Code is:  керчь нет свежие новости керчи DEMOPTR4
Performance Test Manager

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